Sustainability is at the heart of our business. The construction industry is a major contributor to the UK’s carbon footprint, producing significant amounts of material waste and C0₂ emissions. All construction systems delivered by ourselves demonstrate that they deliver a clear reduction in the environmental impact of the processes they are designed to replace.

Our commitment to sustainable construction.

We’re motivated by doing things differently. Not because we think that the existing systems are wrong, but because we believe in the massive potential that technology, innovation and automation can play within our industry.

All of our systems are designed to dramatically minimise waste, time and cost while improving standards and making our clients’ lives easier.

Pledge 01

Less waste to landfill.

We deliver solutions that produce less waste material during production, erection and finishing. All construction systems are factory produced and arrive on-site as a complete scheme. This not only directly reduces the impact of the overall construction but also results in indirect cost, time and energy savings.

For developers and self-builders, secondary charges such as removal and disposal charges are also greatly reduced.

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Less transportation.

Traditional construction methods demand a complex delivery schedule of material from manufacturers and distributors.

Our systems often come from a single source, meaning there is less impact on the environment from congestion, noise and traffic pollution because fewer lorries are travelling to and from sites. This also results in much simpler site scheduling, meaning all follow-on trades can be brought in when they are actually needed.

Pledge 03

Responsible sourcing.

We are committed to providing off-site construction systems that only use responsibly sourced materials with appropriately managed processes and supply chains.

Where possible, materials should have Zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Low Global Warming Potential (GWP) with all construction materials carrying appropriate accreditation from well-managed sources.

Pledge 04

Greater energy efficiency.

Our systems are designed to deliver exceptional energy efficiency as standard.

This extends far beyond the manufacturing and assembly process into real-world application, meaning homes built with our systems will benefit from low U-values, excellent airtightness and ongoing energy savings. A well-insulated building should require less energy to heat, meaning there is an increasing opportunity to step away from the dependence on costly heating systems.