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Kingspan TEK® Building System SIPs

We are proud to deliver the Kingspan TEK® Building System, an industry-leading SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) system for residential and commercial projects.

The system comprises pre-insulated wall and roof panels which are assembled with a unique jointing system to achieve continuous thermal insulation, airtightness and minimal cold bridging. The panels are pre-cut and manufactured off-site to match a project’s engineering and design specifications, and a complete kit is delivered to site ready for erection by the Off-Site Systems assembly team.

Off-Site Construction Systems that deliver greater value, performance and efficiency.

How we select our systems.

As an experienced contractor specialising in industry-leading off-site construction systems, we actively select and deliver the systems that we consider to be the best in their field.

Any construction system delivered by Off-Site Systems must demonstrate that they:

We hold our systems to the highest standards. That’s why we look for full BBA Certification from the British Board of Agrément on all off-site construction systems. This ensures that we build confidence in the solutions created, designed and implemented throughout the entire supply chain.

For more information on BBA Certification, please read through the BBA website.

Each system must demonstrate that they produce meaningful gains to efficiency — this includes measures which as time on site, ease of assembly, reducing the impact of waste and transportation as well as delivering long-term energy efficiency.

For system specifications and efficiencies, read our section on technical detail.

The UK’s construction skills shortage is one of the largest issues faced by the industry. According to the Construction Skills Network, the industry will need 216,800 new workers by 2025 to meet current demand.

Our systems help to bridge this gap by embracing developments in factory-controlled automation and other breakthroughs in construction technology.

By producing materials off-site, this allows skilled tradesmen and women to focus on delivering value where it is needed the most.

Each system must also make good financial sense to our clients, partners and broader supply chain. As a responsible business, all material, manufacturing and on-site costs should be reasonable in the short-term while delivering savings and other efficiencies over the long-term.

All off-site construction systems must be straightforward in their design and application, streamlining existing processes to achieve better outcomes for our clients and design partners. We are committed to improving the way in which the industry operates, replacing outdated processes with automated systems that are quick, easy and enjoyable to deploy.

Sustainability is at the heart of our business. The construction industry is a major contributor to the UK’s carbon footprint, producing significant amounts of material waste and C0₂ emissions. All construction systems delivered by ourselves demonstrate that they deliver a clear reduction in the environmental impact of the processes they are designed to replace.

To learn more about how our systems can minimise negative impact on the natural environment, see our approach to sustainability.