Our services

As specialists in off-site manufacturing for the residential and commercial sectors, we offer a number of services to help make your next build more efficient. This includes the design, manufacture and assembly of industry-leading systems such as Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) and more.

Walls and Roofs

Structural Insulated Panels

Structural Insulated Panels (otherwise known as ‘SIPs’) are an efficient alternative to traditional timber frames used within the UK construction industry.

SIPs are typically made from sheets of Oriented Strand Board (OSB) encasing an insulating core material. This results in a structural insulated panel that is incredibly strong, durable and lightweight.

Owing to their design, buildings constructed with SIPs panels regularly achieve significant decreases in their energy and heating consumption. This is because SIPs panels create spaces that are well insulated with high levels of airtightness, meaning less heating is required throughout the year.

Timber, worldwide, is traditionally the most widely used building material. It is easy to handle, natural and brings flexibility to design.

Today, many buildings are built with a traditional timber frame structure and this trend is growing as Building Regulations / Standards strive for better thermal performance and the construction industry increasingly moves towards faster and lighter methods of construction. Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) technology is the next generation of timber-based construction.

In the UK and Ireland, demand for off-site construction methods such as SIPs is growing rapidly. This is being driven by factors such as the availability of on-site skills being at an all-time low.

Building Regulations / Standards are also demanding much higher levels of energy efficiency. This is challenging many traditional construction systems and, in some instances, forcing people to look at alternative ways of meeting the requirements more economically.

Unparalleled energy efficiency combined with high build speed and low site wastage makes the Kingspan TEK® Building System a very cost-effective way of achieving and exceeding the thermal requirements of the Building Regulations / Standards.

Core services

SIPs Design

We work with a range of architectural Design Partners, structural engineers and other technical specialists to design SIPs systems that offer outstanding value and energy efficiency.

SIPs Manufacture

We manage the production of all manufacturing drawings before handing over to the Kingspan TEK® team, who ensure all components, quality control checks and delivery times are taken care of.

SIPs Assembly

Following the delivery of the SIPs system, we then begin the construction phase. Our fully qualified assembly team will install, check, and sign off the building while significantly reducing site time.

Optional services

Quantity Surveying Services (QS)

We can take ownership of the full Quantity Surveying process to give you an accurate breakdown of the build requirements and timescales while making sure that all legal and quality standards are satisfied.

Foundations for Structural Insulated Panel systems

The Kingspan TEK® SIPs system is lighter and stronger than compared with a traditional timber frame, meaning our foundations can use less material if designed appropriately and with a SIPs system in mind.

Converting existing drawings to SIPs

We regularly work with clients who want to convert their existing architectural drawings into a SIPs build. The process is relatively straightforward and can greatly speed up the final delivery of your project.

Designing to the Passivhaus Standard

We can work through full Passivhaus Standard if this is a requirement for your build. Our SIPs act as a perfect high-performance building fabric solution for Passivehaus design.

Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems

We work with a leading producer of MVHR technology to design and install bespoke Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery systems — these are a requirement in most contemporary residential builds.